Bob Furlong

Biology/premed major

IWU graduating class of 2010

Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University

Emergency Medicine Resident at the University of Michigan

I just started my residency in Emergency Medicine at University of Michigan this past July after finishing up at Loyola.  Intern year has been really great so far…tiring, but great.  I’m just finishing up a month in the ICU and feel effectively “hazed” into residency.  The whole process has been really humbling.

I hadn’t really kept in contact with some of the guys from my IWU graduating class, but ended up running into Anthony Pappas on some interviews and got back in touch with Spencer Lang, and we all ended up in emergency med this year.  I think Spencer is at Northwestern and Anthony is at a hospital near Detroit called Beaumont.

Other life updates…I got married after first year of med school.  3 1/2 years already, time sure has flown.  No kids yet, but maybe sometime soon.

As far as looking back on my time at IWU, I always do with very fond memories. I know that the transition to medical school was made fairly simple because of the training I received at IWU.  In fact the entire first year was basically just a review of my time in college.  I smoked anatomy, largely in part to the great training we received in the cat lab, as well as the time I got to spend TA’ing.  I continued that trend in med school and was a TA during my fourth year for the first year students in the anatomy lab.  The time I spent at IWU was some of the favorite years of my life.  I miss the place, the people, and the countless hours spent in Burns studying, working, or going to class.  It’s weird to think how much it will have changed the next time I visit campus.  It’s really exciting to see how the science department has developed over the last few years and I can’t wait to see the new building.