Ethan Naylor


biochemistry MAJOR

Graduate student in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University

During my time at IWU, I worked in the Kreitzer lab for three years and participated in three summer internships two of which were as a member of the IWU Hodson Summer Research Internship (during its inaugural years) and once at the Marine Biological Laboratories. Through the incredible dedication of the members of Aquabase (the name for the Kreitzer lab), two papers were published during my tenure of which I am a contributing author. Furthermore, while at IWU I ran track and cross country and was fortunate enough to hold six school records and be a four time NAIA All American. My years in Marion are some of my fondest memories whether it be from the hours spent in Burns hall doing experiments, or playing volleyball with friends during May term--I will always treasure that time. Currently, I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Biomedical Engineering working in the Wang lab examining the physiology of the auditory cortex and how it codes complex hearing processes such as pitch perception.