Jacob Eckles

Biology minor and political science major

IWU year 2011

Masters degree, Global Health and Health Policy, George Washington University

International Health Analyst, DepT. of Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs

I’m now living and working in Washington, DC.  I moved out here a few years ago for grad school and have made the place home.  I finished a Masters in Public Health at George Washington University this past May, and during my time in the program, I focused my work and research on global health security.  Following graduation, I accepted a contract position with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs, working as an International Health Analyst for global health security issues.  Most of my day to day focuses on global infectious disease prevention through an initiative called the Global Health Security Agenda. Needless to say, we’ve been a little busy the past few months!

I can’t tell you enough how much my time at IWU meant on many levels.  Academically, I was pushed through the science division and was incredibly well-prepared for the rigors of grad school, and was miles ahead of my colleagues with hands on research experience.  IWU also instilled a solid spiritual foundation that has grown during my time here, specifically as I’ve learned to reconcile faith and the work I do now.  It also provided a place where I was able to work on global health issues from a multidisciplinary viewpoint.  As you know, I ended up changing my major to Political Science, but kept a Biology minor and was still very involved with the department. The ability to work from multiple perspectives was cultivated there, and it has been an incredible asset through grad school and now in the working world.