Meredith Osborn

IWU graduate 2013

Biology and Art double major, John Wesley Honors College

MS in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago, 2015



I am a medical illustrator, meaning that I use art to teach science. I have always been interested in both art and science. When I was at IWU (class of 2013), I double-majored in illustration and biology and have now completed my MS in Biomedical Visualization at UIC (class of 2015). I look forward to entering the industry as a medical animator and interactive designer.

IWU is where I first learned to see research as storytelling. It was a casual choice in language in the lab: if we were pursuing questions about horizontal cells, it was referred to as the horizontal cell story. Yet the paradigm has deeply influenced how I view research and my work as a medical illustrator. I get to partner with scientists to tell their stories through pictures and animations. Though presenting data visually is clearly something I consider valuable, the real strength of my work is seeing how the data fits a narrative arc. That’s what makes it both understandable and engaging. “Once upon a time, inside the cell where various proteins…”