IWU Sciences unveils first Science Exploration Zone at Homecoming.

IWU Sciences joined in a collaborative effort led by faculty from chemistry and biology working with students from the IWU Science Club and the Society of Physics Students to put on engaging science experience targeting kids from the IWU community and Grant County.  The exploration zone utilized over 30 IWU science student volunteers to bring kids into a “hands-on” fun science experience.  Science experiments spread across the new Ott Hall of Science and Nursing and Burns Hall of Science and Nursing included:  making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, clocking how fast they could kick a soccer ball with a radar gun, culturing bacteria, matching bones to an intact skeleton, looking at their cheek cells through a microscope, riding a hovercraft, and building/flying their own paper helicopter to name of few.  The event was a large draw for IWU’s homecoming festivities bringing in more than 60 kids.  For IWU Sciences the success was measured in our opportunity to engage kids from our community in the fun of science!