Tiffany (Good Meador)

BIOLOGY/PREMED and biblical literature MAJOR


Indiana university school of medicine

Completed Family Medicine residency at St. Vincent in Indianapolis

Currently in a fellowship in Obstetrics and Maternal-Child Medicine in Memphis, TN

Indiana Wesleyan was more than just a university. My classmates and professors, especially within the science department, were like family to me. They cultivated an environment that encouraged students to develop a passion for God and a passion for learning. One day during an Immunology lecture in which Dr. Webb discussed the detailed process of how macrophages present antigens to T-lymphocytes, my classmates and I complained about how complicated it all was.  Dr. Webb turned to us and said, “It’s not complicated; it’s elegant.” In that moment, our perspective changed.  We were reminded that we can choose to simply memorize facts for the sole purpose of passing a test, or we can recognize that the Creator specifically designed this long and detailed process for the purpose of giving our bodies the capacity to fight off disease.  We were reminded that our act of learning could be a form of worship to God.  Across the departments, from art and history to business and education, students are encouraged not just to learn the facts, but also to gain knowledge and truth about this world around us in light of our relationship with Christ. I am grateful that Indiana Wesleyan equipped me with the tools for a promising future in the medical field and for encouraging me to cultivate and fuel a passionate desire to serve God in all that I do.